An important goal of RCCR is to collect interviews with individuals who have memories of the civil rights era in Huntsville. Phase I saw high-quality video interviews made with Mrs. Theresa DeShields, Mrs. Hodie McCraw, Mr. Leroy Daniels, & Mr. John F. Nelson. Phase II created an interview with Hank Thomas, and more to come. Contact us if you know someone who needs to share their stories with RCCR!


This video introduces the project with excerpts from each of our three RCCR Phase I interviews.


A fascinating conversation with Mr. Leroy Daniels &

Mr. John F. Nelson, both pioneers in making careers on Redstone Arsenal available to African-Americans.


Mrs. Theresa DeShields, esteemed educator at W.H. Councill High School & Alabama A&M University, reflects on her time growing up in segregated Huntsville & making a career during the period of activism for integration & civil rights.


Mrs. Hodie McCraw has seen incredible change in Huntsville over her lifetime, from her youth on the land that would become Redstone Arsenal, to adulthood watching civil rights advances come to the city.


An introduction to the motivation behind the Rocket City Civil Rights project.


Hank Thomas came to Huntsville, Alabama in 1962 as a volunteer with CORE and initiated student sit-ins which spurred the city's civil rights movement. In this 2019 interview, Thomas shares his fascinating life story, the experiences that brought him to Huntsville, and his own reflections. This interview was recorded as part of the Rocket City Civil Rights project, funded in part by the Alabama Humanities Foundation.

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