Primary sources let us see the history from the point of view of those who were there at the time.

We continue to add more of these resources to aid researchers.

This timeline is a work in progress and continues to be updated, but is as comprehensive as possible regarding the civil rights movement in Huntsville.

Please contact us if you have information to add to our timeline, supported by verifiable sources. 

The Huntsville African American History Project (HAAHP) is a digital oral history project designed to collect, preserve, and promote the black history of Huntsville and North Alabama.

Click here to visit their Facebook page.

Click here to hear their many valuable oral histories on SoundCloud.

Chapter 2 of Kelly Hamlin's 2016 UAH Master's Thesis provides a historic overview of the civil rights era in Huntsville. 

Download pdf of Ch. 2, "This is Rocket City U.S.A., Let Freedom Begin Here: an Exhibit on the Civil Rights Movement in Huntsville, Alabama."

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